As a new month stepped-in, the eagerness to know the theme in the category HOME & LIFESTYLE has increased. Last month we went with THE BOHEMIAN theme so, that our bedroom or our personal space looks Pinterest friendly. But, this time we have shifted our designing and creativity skills from bedroom to living room.

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Living room is the first place of your house where guest gets the taste of your innovative ideas. Hence, your ideas help to make your house stand out from their’s. Even the appreciation and comments you receive for your efforts is inexpressible.

Similarly, this month’s theme has a unique aura of its own. This time we tried to highlight tradition along with modernity. Having a platform where we can showcase the versatility of our culture and tradition and make the upcoming generation aware of their old roots is worth the cost.

Without wasting much time of our readers, we finally reveal the theme for this month i.e., “TRADITION MEETS CONTEMPORARY”.

Months of scrolling through the pages of Pinterest, taking ideas by watching Youtube videos. Thereby, penning down all thoughts into one page and combining them into one frame led to the birth of this theme. Almost everyone must be familiar with the term “CONTEMPORARY” but giving it a new shape and incorporating with “TRADITION” creates a whole new concept of interior designing.


Once there was a phase where people used to paint the walls of their living room with bright solid or soft neutral colors. Then this style got shifted to applying graphic wallpapers and 3-D stickers. But, this style got out of trend too as 2020 stepped-in. With competition and innovation being at the peak level for this year hence, we used “GEOMETRIC DESIGNS” as the base element for our “CONTEMPORARY” style.

Everyone is familiar with geometric designs. They may be three cornered or four cornered, according to your wish. This design adds a life to the boring and old walls. Imagine your guest getting awestruck after looking at the wall!!

This particular design is usually done on a single wall while other walls are kept plain. The main motive of doing this design on a single wall is to draw the overall attention. Coming to the use of colors, we have used a blend of three contrasting colors. The name of the colors are-

  • Cinnamon Red
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Hot Latte

The choice of colors depends upon you. Even the numbers of colors you want to incorporate in your design also depends upon you. A SMALL REMINDER: TRY TO USE CONTRASTING COLORS. Coming to the size of the design. You can keep the size random or make the size precised. Keeping the sizes of the design random helps the wall look vibrant.


Emphasizing on the “CONTEMPORARY” style, traditional decor pieces are being used to highlight the overall theme. As I hail from Assam, a state from North-Eastern part of India. Hence, majority of decor items will have an Assamese influence.


Japi or Jaapi is the symbol of Assam. It is a conical shaped hat which is made with bamboo or “tokou paat”, large palm leaves. It was initially worn by farmers to protect themselves for the sun and rain. But, as days passed it became a sign of royalty and nobility. Today, Japi is offered as a token of respect and also placed as a decorative item. Even, Japi is a part of the traditional Bihu dance of Assam.


The Xorai is another Assamese traditional symbol. Usually manufactured from bell metal, it has a serving tray structure with a flat base. Both this elements are connected by a stand. Xorai is used as an offering tray for guests. Also, it is used as a decorative item and offered as a gift to a person of honor.


Bota is similar to a Xorai but usually smaller is size. It is used as serving tray for beetle nut and beetle leaves to present the vibe of gratitude. It is also used to serve offerings in front of the almighty to seek blessings.


One-horned rhino is “pride of the state”. Due to this animal, the state gets a huge number of tourists per year. This decor item is usually carved in wood which looks just like a replica of the real animal. Tourist usually carry this as a memento from the trip. Even it acts a decorative item for every house located in Assam.


Bamboo is abundantly available all over the North-Eastern states. From using it in local cuisine to creating decor items as well as furniture, bamboo is just like a part of our daily routine. From wall hangings, flower vases, hand fans to sofa’s and chair’s, you name it and you shall have it.


Kashidakari embroidery took birth from parts of Kashmir, Punjab, Bihar and Karnataka. In this embroidery bright colored threads with beads and mirror are used. The designs used in this embroidery are mostly flowers, leaves, animals etc. Kashidakari embroidery represents an excellent masterpiece of artwork.


Coming straight from “The Pink City- JAIPUR” represents a uniqueness in style and art. This item is usually hand painted in order to give the raw vibe. Attached to the trunk of a metallic elephant, represents the royalty of Rajasthan. As this hand-work requires a lot of patience hence, it turns out to be so magnificent.

Using small pieces like the above mentioned, can turn your living space into a paradise of its own. All you need is some research, some street hopping, some bargaining skills and the final results will be in front of your eyes.

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  1. The idea of drawing triangular geometric shapes on the wall sounds most captivating to me. The wall looks fabulous 😍

  2. Although I am not a big fan of geometric shapes in the interior design, I loved the one you showed in the photo. It fits perfectly with the overall theme. This was very informative! Thanks!

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