“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This nursery rhyme that we all had recited at a point in life isn’t just two lines but the secret of a healthy body and mind.

But as we grew up, the world around us changed a lot. Computers and mobile phones entered into our life replacing the kites and bats and schedule of sleeping around ten shifted to three in the morning.

But have you ever wondered what differences did this new schedule brought in our life and how does it impacts our health?

Well, if not then you must as this is the reason of many health problems directly or indirectly.

First things first.

Less sleep duration:

Human body needs proper sleep for 7-8 hours everyday but with this new sleep cycle that need of the body remains unfulfilled. Even if you wake up late in the morning, that isn’t enough to cover the loss of night. The reason is dark and light. At night, there is darkness and body produces melatonin that reaches to the brain and asks it to rest. Thus, the brain and body comes to rest and at non-alert mode. But in day time, when there is light around, melatonin is not produced and brain remains active. This not only causes depression, anxiety, insomnia and several neuro problems but has also been linked to obesity, breast and prostrate cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

No exercise or meditation:

Secondly, in earlier times, every work required man power keeping humans exercised and fit. But today, all those things have been replaced by machines and only exercise that our body gets is through morning walks, yoga and gyms. But if we sleep at 3 a.m, we obviously miss our morning walks and cogitation and refrain our body from fresh air and required exercise. These exercises are not just important for fitness of our body but also mind as cogitation and fresh air walk helps mind to relax and prepares it for upcoming day. Refraining body from such vital needs has resulted in obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and irritability.

Disturbed food routine:

The third affect of staying up late at night is related to stomach. What we eat and when we eat affects our digestive system. Doctors suggest that we should take heavy breakfast as thats the first meal after a long break, lunch should be lighter than breakfast and dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. But now, with this new emerging schedule, we have started skipping the most important meal of the day, the breakfast and have combined it with lunch and made brunch. Great name but not great affects. Also, a new habit is seen among youngsters. The habit of keeping on eating heavy meals like cheesy sandwiches, pizzas, chips and chocolates at midnight. And not to be forgotten, the body starts it’s digestion process while we sleep. After disturbing the complete food routine what more can be expected than the fact that 22% Indians are suffering constipation and 31.3% people are suffering obesity.

Effect on eyes:

The last and most usual impact of staying up late at night is on eyes. Most people use mobile phones at night that directly affects their eyes by it’s light.

Thus, if you want to stay pink in health please focus on your sleep cycle. Sleep well and stay healthy.

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  1. Very nice blog! I appreciate!You have mentioned perfectly about sleeping late habits due to which today’s world is suffering a lot. Thank you for sharing this blog and let us know about it.

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