With September stepping in and August giving adieu, I hereby present my monthly favorites for the month of August. As it is a new concept with which we are starting up, we hope our audience will appreciate the efforts and a little sneak peak by the end….So keep reading!!



Getting an IMbD rating of 8.7/10, Bandish Bandits gets a vote to be my favourite series for the month of August. Giving a small summary of the story line, this Amazon Prime series portrays a well-defined fusion of Indian classical music with Western pop-music. Lead actor Rithwik Bhowmik who plays the role of Radhe Rathore (An Indian classical singer) and lead actress Shreya Choudhary who plays the role of Tamanna (A pop-star) both having two distinct personalities, the two “set’s out together” on a journey to figure out whether they are compatible with each other.
According to me, this web series has re-connected our bonds with Indian classical music which was more-or-less lost in the 21st century. A well framed story-line consisting balance of drama, emotions and romance is worth watching. Emphasizing on the motive of spreading the rich beauty of Indian classical music and the culture among-st the audience through drama and music is hat’s off. Displaying the scenic beauty of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is eye pleasing to watch. Music director Shankar Mahadevan, has done a stunning job in giving a new shape to classical music without letting go off the old roots.
Summing it up, I congratulate the whole team for their whole efforts and creativity of the director for putting up an outstanding web-series for us. Having high expectations from season-2 which is gonna release in 2021.

MY RATING- 4.5/5 star.


Selecting a favorite soundtrack from an ocean full of variety is a herculean task. Yet, some tracks leave an impression in our ears and we hear them in loop. So, I am classifying my favorite soundtrack of the month based on two categories-


After winning the hearts of the audience through outstanding story-line, soundtracks of Bandish Bandits creates a spot in my favorite soundtracks. Chedkhaniyaan and Sajan Bin tops the list.


Coming to Hollywood, the versatility of western music is worth the praise. For me, Savannah of Diviner ft. PhillyK and Make Me Move gets to the top position in the list.



In the list of favorite electronic items of the month, Samsung galaxy M31 gets a big shout-out. Anyone who has a budget within 20,000 and is searching for a good performance phone, then you must definitely opt for this smart phone. With latest android v10.0 operating system with 2.3Ghz+1.7Ghz Exynos 9611 Octa Core processor, 6GB RAM, 64GB internal memory and 6000mAh battery makes a real monster in mid-range phone.
What makes it stand out is its Quad Camera setup that enables you to capture excellent shots. For more details, I’ll be sharing the link on the footer.
My overall experience with the phone is that performance wise it is a good competition to other budget phone and also having a 6000 mAh battery, phone does not feel heavy and also it doesn’t have any heating issues after a month of handling it. So, guys you can go for this smartphone.

MY RATING- 4.5/5 star.


For this category, I have two monthly favorites-

APPLE-CIDER VINEGAR This might sound weird to add apple cider vinegar in monthly favorites list, but it is like a magic potion for those who wants to be slim or put off some weight. Regularly consuming two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of luke warm water not only makes you lose weight but boost your metabolism and makes you body healthy internally.
Writing about my experience of having apple cider vinegar wasn’t great at the starting days because of its fermented smell and teeth shaking sour taste. But, as days passed my taste buds got adopted to it. Final review for it is that you must give a try if you want to see its positive results on your body.

MY REVIEW- 4/5 star.

PEANUT BUTTER- Since, I switched my unhealthy food intake to a healthy one, so I opted to try peanut butter which turned out to be great. I consumed peanut butter from the brand Dr. Otekar in its crunchy and creamy flavor.
Smooth and silky texture of peanut butter with bits of roasted peanuts in it provides the perfect crunch in every bite. Being cholesterol and trans fat free product, it is a healthy selection.
Unfortunately the quantity which I got didn’t lasted for whole month hence, I bought the same brand peanut butter but in its creamy flavor. But, the creamy flavor didn’t reach to my expectation as it was too dull for me, taste wise.



I am uploading the most random category for my monthly favorites but I can’t help it because it is an essential item for me. So, without much delay, my favorite essential of the month is a tumbler.
A question may arise in your mind that why a tumbler? So the answer to the question is that before using the tumbler I literally had no idea of how much water am I drinking per day,Whether the amount is less or more than the estimated amount for water intake i.e., 3 liters per day. So, I switched drinking from regular glass to the tumbler. The tumbler measures 500 ml which is helping me in keeping record of my water intake. So, I suggest everyone who is reading my blog to get a tumbler for yourself and stay hydrated.

MY RATING- 5/5 star.


Skincare regime must include sunscreen or a sun protection cream in order to beat the heat especially during the summers. Commonly, people tend to believe that applying a sunscreen is needed only during the hot summers while going out and not in the winters or while staying indoors, but it’s not. Sunscreen needs to be used daily to prevent the harmful effects of sun on your skin which may sometimes cause severe conditions like skin cancer.

Today, we are back with the personal review of two summer skincare products after using them for more than 2 years. These products have worked wonders to my skin and have been my summer best friends.


LOTUS Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte look daily sunblock

Herbal products are best and perhaps very effective without any side effects. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Look Daily Sunblock 3-in-1 is no less than a miracle. It comes within an affordable price range and numbers of benefits. This matte look sunscreen works as sun protection, skin lightening and to your surprise as a make up base or like a foundation cream. This very cream is tinted which provides perfect regular no make up make up look blending perfectly to all skin types along with acting as a protective shield to the harmful UV rays of the sun. It contains PA+++ UAA and SPF-40 UVB providing you an “All in one” cosmetic experience.

BIOTIQUE Bio-fruit Whitening, de-pigmentation and Tan removal face pack

BIOTIQUE Bio fruit Whitening, de-pigmentation and Tan removal face pack contains a lot of fruit nutrients. Fruits have been the “juice of health and vitality”  since the beginning of time. So, this biotique is an advanced organically pure and preservatives free ayurvedic fruit recipe with 100% authentic botanical extracts. It has all the vital nutrients and vitamins that brightens and lightens tan, pigmentation and blemishes. This product is blended with juices of pineapple, lemon, tomato and papaya fruit giving a fairer and flawless look. Applying the pack all over your face and neck on clear skin gives you a soft, smooth and toned texture in just 20 mins along with the fruit juices it also contains multani mitti which has been well known as complexion lightening treatment in our Indian Culture. For more about this product and the whole Biotique range of products you can visit


So its the final part for which you guys were waiting for i.e., the favorite moment of the month.For me every moment spent with my loved ones is favorite, but if I have to mention any one from it then it will be the moments cherished during my sister’s birthday on 30th August. During, this pandemic it was not possible to host her birthday in a grand way, yet we organised a small gathering. Meeting my friends after a hell lot of time after the lock-down is inexpressible yet we made the most of it on that day. The smiles everyone shared on their faces was shinning like diamonds. The day ended with cherishing all the fun activities we did the whole day.

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  1. It’s just amazing and very helpful as wellπŸ₯°day by day it’s getting more interesting to read it 😍
    Keep going πŸ₯‚

  2. It’s just amazing and very helpful as wellπŸ₯°day by day it’s getting more interesting to read it 😍

  3. Superb….πŸ™‚
    apple cider vinegar is very useful for weight loss… 😊…and also good for skin…..
    Keep it up dear 😊

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