The male dominance in society has not only done partiality with women but has also worsen the lives of millions of men out there in some way or the other.
The constant pressure of “staying strong” or “man up” has ensued inability to express their feelings or asking need of help or support. In the changing society, where we talk about equality of all genders, ironically, losing from a woman is still considered a matter of shame! Since early day, they are expected to never fall down, not to pursue a passion different from league, be the boss of their family and worst of all not to have much emotions. The judgement of men’s success and character from their salary and job is as common as judgement of a girl on basis of her looks and dressing. Summing the complete paragraph in one line, men are considered as ROBOTS that can never face any technical error.
In case of any failure, the mental trauma that they go through is inexpressible in words because they have nobody to talk about it. The terms like chakka, hizra, namard, biwi ka gulam and many more are often used for those who do not fit into the cage society has made for them. These terms not only stops them from being who they actually are but also breaks their confidence and undoubtedly hurts their self-respect.
The consequences are 34.8% men suffer hypertension and the percentage increases to 44% with men aged more than 60. Around 21% men around us are battling depression, sadly all alone.
To everyone out there, please stop judging men for all the factors that u do till today. Please stop bullying them in anyway.
And to all the the men out there: you too can show emotions, you too can fail sometimes, you too can lose from a women, you can have low salary but full right on your respect, you too can dance, sing or act or cook, you too can take care of yourself and your skin, you too can be different from world expects you to be. You aren’t born to fit into their cage but to live your life the way you want. You are human and you don’t need to be a robot.

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