On 14th March, unexpectedly a message popped up on my phone. It was the announcement of no classes between 15th March to 30th March from my college.
I started planning my schedule to study as I thought it would be great time to prepare for my upcoming examination and complete all my projects.

The next thing I knew was a call from my flatmate’s father, my uncle, asking me to come back with her as things might worsen in upcoming days. I also had a call from my father asking if I want to come back home. Going back to home meant, no studies as carrying much luggage was a complete no no and so I decided to stay here and hence, my flatmate left. Also my friends were staying at that time so I didn’t feel anything.

The things changed suddenly when a 14 hour public curfew was employed and as it finished many states like Delhi and Maharashtra were completely locked down. It gave us a clear idea that things are not going to end on 30th and will last longer.

How longer?? We didn’t know.

I clearly remember, my best friend Arnab called me saying his all flatmates and friends are leaving & so he will also be going back to his hometown and I should also go back to my home or else I will be left here all alone and get bored.

I got my train tickets booked for 25th midnight 12a.m. and his flight was scheduled at 10 a.m.

Arnab shares a very close bond with his home. In the last three years, no hostel or flat has been able to give him that homely vibe and thus, as always, he was excited to go and meet his family.
But alas! My train got cancelled at last moment due to lockdown and he flew off.

The initial days were very jolly for him. The unexpected happiness, the joy of meeting his family and excitement for upcoming birthday, all of these added to his contentment.

But as days passed by, this joy was replaced by frustration and anxiousness. He wanted to step out of his house, meet his friends, enjoy eating at cafes, watch movies and do everything he used to do when covid-19 was not a name. Things had completely changed now and he was unable to adapt with this pain of being caged in his own house.

As time passed by, this anxiety grew bigger day by day and no later it started impacting our conversation and his health. Many big and small things started hurting him and our conversation became invective with each passing day. He started getting panic attacks and many a times, his blood pressure flactuated and he sweated like anything.The raising numbers and menacing headlines on news channels added to his dejection. All he wanted was to step out and see the world as it used to be.

Both of us soon understood, we need to work on this lockdown side effect or else we will endup losing our mental health.

I am sure many of you are able to relate to this frustration and anxiousness. The feeling of being caught in a situation that we had never even imagined is horrible.

There is well known proverb in Hindi “Khali dimag saitan ka Ghar” which means an ideal mind becomes workshop for devil and hence, we decided to keep ourselves busy as much as possible.



We found it the right time to invest in our body and started exercising in our room itself.
A continuous walk during the morning hours on terrace for complete one hour followed by some stretching exercises, some push-ups and fifteen minutes of meditation were enough to release ample amount of endorphin to trigger the feeling of freshness and positivity in us.

  • DANCE:

Remember the school days when dance floors and pubs weren’t a thing and we used to hit the floors in our bedroom or drawing halls? Rehearsing for upcoming school event was such a fun then. Some of us did the complete choreography without beats by singing lyrics ourself, didn’t we?

I thought of living those moments again through songs played my phone and practiced some dance steps whenever I wished to. Though, I am not a great dancer but I always enjoy dancing and learning new dance forms.

YouTube came to a great help when I searched dance tutorials for Bihu and Bharatanatyam. They have such a great choreography that provides simple and easy yet elegant dance steps.


Reading is not only a wise investment of time but also a way to travel into a world very different from where we physically are. It changes our dogmatic approach towards life to an unbiased and unprejudiced way of accepting things that comes into our way.

We read some good books of different types, from spiritual to romantic and philosophical to suspicious. It not only proved to be a great decision but has also broadened our thoughts and imaginative power.


Music not only gives relief to our soul but also takes us on a short walk to a different world. It can be a good mood changer when you are feeling low. We tuned into to our favorite tracks everyday.

Start your day with some energtic songs and doze off with a sweet melody at night. Remember, your taste of music is based on your personality. Never change your playlist to impress others.


We all have something that we love to do, but we don’t start doing it due to laziness. Search your hobbies and give a start. Paint your imagination or cook your favorite dish or play your favorite instrument. How about sitting again with your siblings and playing carrom, chess or ludo?


It’s a perfect time to learn something new. Be it a traditional dish from your mom’s kitchen or links of webinars in WhatsApp group or some online courses that you wanted to do since long but couldn’t find time for it. Invest your time wisely. Take this time as a gift and give yourself the best.


Avoid negativity on social media as it hampers more than anything else.

Stop comparing. We all know that this isn’t going to end soon so it’s better to adapt with this new normal.

Avoid looking at the darker side. I agree that it has done much harm to everyone but it is a fact that we can’t undo it. Look at the positive aspects, the way you can use it for your growth, hear the chirping birds and have patience.

Don’t ruin your daily routine. Wakeup early, have a balanced diet and sleep at right time. This is more crucial than you can think. If you haven’t read our blog on this topic, click on the below given link:

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  1. Lockdown has changed everything…we all are frustrated as hell🙄🙄just waiting for the lockdown to get over and want to comeback to our daily normal life😌

  2. Lockdown has changed everything…we all are frustrated as hell🙄🙄just waiting for the lockdown to get over and want to comeback to our daily normal life😌

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