B.L.A.C.K & W.H.I.T.E

With a new week knocking at the door ahead of us, everyone must be eagerly waiting to know what will be the theme of this upcoming week. So, for this week we wanted to play safe and figure out such a theme which is not only quirky but also has a grace of it’s own.. Without, much further delay we present “BLACK and WHITE” as the theme of the week.

To be trending on the fashion list, we have to take risk but being on the safer side and going viral is everyone’s desire. Hence, it is similar with this theme too. BLACK and WHITE can be elegant, fun, bold, interesting or anything between them but the method of carrying it and styling it will truly define it’s real style.


Let me share a small instance that everyone may have noticed in his or her life. Among your friend-circle if anyone wears “black and white” then the person becomes a subject of mockery and comparison is established with the outfit worn by a waiter, because back on time the concept of “black and white” was only worn by Priest or Waiters due to which it was looked down and not considered auspicious.

As time passed by fashion got evolved and so do people’s way of taking fashion which in turn brought an end to this prejudiced conservative culture in dressing and now it is considered a symbol of class and elegance.

Writing about the two governing colors of the theme i.e., BLACK and WHITE, the combination of these two colors not only becomes catchy but also helps the person stand-out. BLACK color makes the stout body look slimmer due to which it enhances the body shape whereas WHITE adds the perfect touch of purity and innocence to the look, thus creating the perfect balance.

Without much delay we thereby, present the five categories where you will be witnessing style along with creativity


BLACK and WHITE has an upper-hand in street-wear style. In every nook and corner, you will find people wearing an outfit that will have both the colors. But, what makes the outfit stand-out is the way of styling it. Street-wear can either include denims, sweatpants or joggers in the overall look. Hence, we preferred to go with denims.


The whole look comprised of a white shirt tucked asymmetrically inside a high waist black denim pants. You may notice that now-a-days, ankle strap heels are ruling the fashion footwear. A small introduction of ankle strap heels; this particular type of heels came into limelight after being worn by THE KARDASHIAN’s. Hence, this pair of heels are a perfect match for every styles and for every outfits. Coming back to our style, we have used nude ankle strap heels with embellishments that gives the perfect hint of glamour to the overall look. Keeping the hair in a messy side bun and a perfect red lip rounds off the whole look.

And do not forget to put on your shades girl, cause you must slay everyone with your look !!


Everyone wants to look like “A BOSS” and make the whole world say that “YES!! YOU ARE THE BOSS“. This line comes into play when you work hard to bring your dreams into reality. But, sometimes your outfit for the day can make you feel like “A BOSS. When BLACK and WHITE meets Power-Dressing then your look will definitely speak louder than your voice.

For this look, a plain white crisp shirt is paired with a high waist A-line skirt. To give this look an extra ease, add a metallic chain like a belt as it will cringe your waist at the right spot thereby, exaggerating the whole figure. If you have discipline embedded in your blood and do not want to be late for your meetings. Add your watch which will act as the only accessory. Smoky eyes, hair held in a high ponytail and a pink lip completes this impactful and presentable look.


Indian Ethnic is all about life and vibrancy of colors. It is like taking risk incorporating BLACK and WHITE in your ethnic attire. As saying goes, “we cannot judge a book by its cover”. Hence we cannot draw any conclusions without trying it. Moreover, wearing black and white to a typical Indian occasion will make you stand-out from everyone present there.

Keeping the theme in our mind and the style on our hands, a white chikankari A-line white kurta is teamed with a jet black palazzo pants. Without any jewelleries the whole outfit looks incomplete. To give the soul to the attire, heavy oxidized jhumkas dangling on the ears and chunky bangles on hands brings out beauty of the whole look. To look fresh through-out the day, a nude makeup is done with a red lip which adds the much needed pop of color. Hair kept in a side parted low ponytail and a black duppata complements this classy and graceful Indian look.


Summer being ruling as the current season and “BLACK and WHITE” being the theme of the week creates a miss-match concept. Unless we don’t give a try things, won’t come into our favor.

For this style, we have paired a knee length printed white flared skirt with a solid black sleeveless top. Hair tied in a high bun makes this getup look fresh in this season. Accessorizing the look with hoops and silver watch. Keeping the makeup soft with a black statement handbag round’s of this simple look.


The last category of this theme demands something unique and different from the other four categories. So we tried to bring out the hidden cuteness and jolly vibe of this category. As a smiley face automatically rejuvenates our mind and soul similarly, this look does the same. A simple basic white t-shirt teamed with a black capri and nude sandals make the outfit look minimalist. What adds cherry to the cake is the way of restraining the hair in two side buns. This particular hairstyle brings out the missing cuteness from the look. Hey! do not miss to carry your soft toy to your bed when you are about to doze off.


Happy Sunday guys!

After getting an amazing response on fashion trends based on prints in the last fashion blog, now we are back with another trendy and stylish outfit ideas to give you a complete new look for this week and the good part is, this time the search for these must try looks begins from your wardrobe itself. So, no more expenses but only fashion and slaying style. But, keeping in mind to keep the budget low, we will a provide DIY to reduce your cost.SO KEEP READING!!

Yes, today we are going to experiment with a textile that never goes out of trend, irrespective of occasion or season : THE DENIM.

Very few of you might be knowing that denims trace there history back to 1800s and then it was wore as a work wear. But with passing time, it became a wardrobe essential and can be used to create different looks and give it a total makeover. Today denims are available in plethora of styles and colors including pants, shorts, jackets, mid dresses, shirts, kurtis, tops and much more. Denim Jeans have consequently been in fashion throughout the years but its style have changed over the years. Solid jeans, stone-washed jeans, acid washed jeans and currently mid-wash jeans are ruling the fashion game. Even denim jackets cannot go out of the trend be it in the era of pop-culture or in the present phase of fashion hangover. Nowadays, denim have been emerged with all kinds of wearable which has significantly turn over the history of denim.

Without wasting much time here, we are with must try looks with denims that you can easily create and style up yourself:


Why to look shabby in this era of style and fashion when you can gift yourself a power girl look, that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Just put your blue denim jacket over a plain white top and pair it with black flared pants. Layer it with a black formal blazer to give yourself a bolder look. Remember the key rule of layering: the upper layer should be longer than the layer below.

Complete the look with a light pink lipstick, bold dramatic eyeliner and a sleek high ponytail. Accessorize your look with a silver watch and a matching satchel. Go for a very small stud in ears.

For legs, you are free to choose between black pumps or stilettos as per your comfort.


Festivals are round the corner and what can be a better match than sarees for festive season? Just drape the saree pallu in a different way and be the new trend setter in your circle.

Drape a printed saree with pallu wrapped around your neck. Go for high neck or boat neck blouse designs. You can also opt for round neck crop top that goes with your saree color.

Now, add a tied up denim jacket and roll up the sleeves.

For hair styling, go for a centered parted hair with low a ponytail or a small bun.

Go for dark red lipstick, winged eyeliner, filled eyebrows and heavy oxidized silver jewelleries ( earing and necklaces) to conclude this look.


Comfort over fashion? of course! But what if we tell you, you can achieve both in one go?

Nothing can be more relaxing than a plain round neck t-shirt and denim shorts. Both of them are available at every nook and corner of any market.

You can also reuse your old jeans and get yourself a new denim shorts. Give your old jeans to any nearby tailor and he will cut it and make the needful for you. Just a small D.I.Y that can reduce your cost and bring down the expenses as its the main motive of our site.

Tie up your hair in a bun, put on your reading glasses, add a pinch of pink to your lips and enjoy your day relaxing in style. Now, you are picture ready always.


Though denims are both winter and summer friendly, yet styling them correctly according to season is not just important for a classy look but also for comfort or else you may end-up sweating.

Pair a blue or black denim tube top or sleeveless crop top with white jeans or jegings and layer it up with a plain white cotton shirt. Tie up the shirt in a knot to get that hot sought-after look.

Add any nude or light pink lip-shade and flaunt your long hair by leaving them untied.

Compliment it with a sun-glass, silver colored watch and a cross-body bag to finish off the look.


Denims are available in multiple shades, color and style. Don’t be afraid to try them as they are very easy to pair up with anything.

If you have any old denim, don’t throw it away. Give it to nearby tailor and get shorts or skirts made out of them. Rugged denims never go out of style.

Try to use light lip shades when using dark colored denims as upper garment. This will enhance your look.


Fashion prints are in the trend since a very long time and does not off the track because of there color and garment style. Today’s trend setters are making the out-most use of fashion prints and becoming an increasingly utilized tool in a fashion designer’s tool kit. Although there may be a vivid range of various fashion prints but it totally depends upon the season and year, somewhat making it popular than others.

STREET-WEAR- Incorporating prints in street wear defines simplicity with elegance. Wearing a basic printed full sleeve top with a pair of baggy ripped denims and complementing the whole look with a pair of leather boots provides the perfect outfit to rock up the streets. Going with a nude base, smoky eyes, bold lip and keeping the hair brushed down or half-up half-down round’s off the complete look.

POWER DRESSING- Power dressing is all about being strong and independent be it through your looks or through your thoughts. In this look, a printed polka dot shirt is tucked in, under a flared knee length skirt. A nude pair of pumps pulls of this bold look. Keeping a fresh face of makeup with nude base, filled in brows, smoky eyes, bold lip and a sleek high ponytail expresses the bold and determined concept of power dressing. For accessories, carry a bright poppy color handbag to finish off the look.

ETHNIC- Floral printed sarees are easily available in and around the corner. Since, its summer out here bright colors and floral prints comes into highlight. Creating a complete new look by wearing a shirt instead of a blouse, where the shirt is tied up and the saree is wrap around the neck. Filled in brows, winged eyes, nude lip and a nude base with a hint of blush keeps the look fresh and minimalist. For hair, side parted hair tied in a low bun goes hand in hand. Heavy silver oxidized earrings completes the total look.

SEASON INFLUENCE- Since summer has stepped in, the look is kept minimal with a blush pink printed puffed sleeve top paired along with a A-line flare skirt and a pair of nude strappy heels. A no-makeup makeup look with filled in brows, pink lips makes the whole look fresh. Brushed open hair and a perfect smile completes the total look.

COMFORT- Who cares to put effort on styling while you are in your home and enjoying your me-time. This look represents the lazy Sundays where you are tuned into your favorite music and reading your favorite book. A lose printed t-shirt paired with a comfortable shorts, transparent sandals rounds off this lazy effortless look.