The word drug is trending all over news channels and social media. Thus, naturally catches our attention towards it. No doubt, consumption of drugs and weeds are prohibited by law yet, we witness it as a big youth problem.

Hence, today we will reflect on:

  • Reasons for youth to consume these obnoxious stuffs.
  • It’s effect on health.
  • Prevention /solutions.

Why Drugs & Alcohol?

We believe to solve any problem, it’s necessary to know the root cause of it. And what could be better than a survey?

Hence, we did a survey in which 112 people participated.

They were asked about their reason of consumption of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes to which reason came out as follows:

Red lines shows recommendation difference
  • Depression or Stress

Around 40% people mentioned depression or stress as their reason to drink, smoke or consume such things in other forms.

Depression is one of the major problem that youth is suffering today. Lack of family support, failure or stress in career, peer pressure and lack of real friend who can talk, understand and guide pushes them into the world of drug, alcohol and cigarettes.

  • Just find it cool

In world full of insta stories and fake dramas, celebrations are no more complete without saying “cheers”. Around 20% alcoholic, chain smokers and drugist say, they do so to appear cool among pals.

But, little do they know, they are harming their lives. How? Let’s see next reason.

  • Addiction

Around 30% of people in survey say that they started consumption as ‘once in a while’ due to friend’s pressure or for fun but now are addicted to it.

They said, they can’t go to rehabilitation center as they fear sharing it with their family. Some of them have started facing kidney issues in the young age itself.

  • Heartbreak and Others

Mujhe pine ka Sauk nahi.. Peeta hun gum bhulane ko!

The lines remind us of some heartbroken lovers tending to know Kabir Singh. But, let me warn them, this won’t help them get their Peeti back. Instead, it will only burn a hole in their pocket and drop them into the sea of addiction and insecure future.

Will you recommend it to others?

73% of people admitted that they regret consuming these stuffs and won’t suggest it to others. While, 27% people feel like suggesting it to others.

Does youth considers it’s effect on health?

Perhaps, the answer is no. Today, youth is educated yet, they do not care about the effects of these things upon their health. This negligence will surely cause a problem today and tomorrow. Let’s have a look on these effects:

  • Alcohol causes severe damage to kidneys and liver.
  • Smoking causes respiratory problems and several fatal issues like lung cancer.
  • Consumption of drug can lead to a person’s death or can cause serious mental issues.
  • Over long period of time, consumption of these stuffs can lead to chronic disease like high blood pressure, strokes, liver problem and digestion problem.

Precaution & Cures

  1. If you are a parent, please don’t use voilence to stop your child. Instead, try to understand the reason behind their consumption and help them accordingly.
  2. As a youth, you need to understand the difference between cool & fool. Don’t do this under peer pressure.
  3. Be a guard of your own and stay firm at your decision.
  4. If you are already a chain smoker or drinker, no worries. Slowly, bring down your consumption graph. Give up one peg and 2 cigarettes per day for first month. Then, cut down a larger amount next month. Continue cutting it down gradually till you acheive your goals.
  5. Take help of chewel gums available in the market to get get rid of tobacco and cigarette addiction.
  6. If you are dealing with drugs, visit the nearest rehabilitation center and seek proffesional help. Remember, consuming it can tarnish your life.
  7. Don’t fear seeking help from your parents. Tell them that you need their help in leaving this addiction.
  8. At last, don’t fall prey to fake social media life. Apple juice looks almost the same! Your body is God’s best gift to you. Take proper care of it.
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  1. Well for me, I detest drugs, or alcohol, I donโ€™t see why someone will take solace in drugs and abuse it, I understand that media also hyped the take in and thatโ€™s quite appalling and disappointing too, by the way I like this type of post

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